18 entries go to the final round of the 9th edition of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation International Art on Paper Award

In this 9th Edition, the jury has valuated 50 entries of authors from 8 different nationalities, amongst which entries from Latin America are highlighted: Argentina, Colombia and Cuba.

The jury has decided that the following entries are the shortlisted in the 2019 Edition:

Rafael José da Silva: Noite de boxe – Collage
Jordi Torrent: Pedals – Oil painting
Nuria Fernández: Salt de trampolí – Acrylic painting
Beatriz Marcos: Resistencia – Oil painting
Guillermo Masedo: Estudio de piscinas olímpicas – Acrylic on paper glued to a board
Yula Ivanovna: Natació – Mixed media
Teresa Diego: Cintes – Ink on Japanese paper
Luis Feo: Sin título – Graphite and paint
Gonzalo Rodríguez: Temps de reacció – Oil painting
Leticia Gaspar: Birlibirloque – Acrylic painting
Adrián Jorques: Huellas de unas olimpiadas – Frottage
Francisco Martínez: Alè – Pencil graphite
Victoria Esgueva: Vela en azules – Mixed media
Jose María:  Remeros bajo el Puente – Watercolor
Juan Saturio: Esquí Alpino – Watercolor
Eugenio Vega: Le match après la pluie – Watercolor, ink and collage
Coia Ibañez: ειρήνη – Acrylic mixed media
Clara Mármol: Inicio – Mixed media

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