A delegation from the Chinese city of Ningbó visits the facilities of the Olympic and Sports Museum JA Samarnach.

Francesc Terrón, director of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, has received the members of the Chinese delegation composed of:

  • Ms. Zhang Ni, Director of Ningbo Municipal Sports Boreau
  • Mr. Gu Feizhou, Director of The General Office of Ningbo Municipal Sports Boreau.
  • Mr. Shi Feichu, Principal of Ningbo Water Sport School.
  • Mr. Wu Jisheng, Director of Ninghai County Sports Development Center
  • Ms. Chen Shuping, Secretary of Xiangshan County Culture, Radio, Television & Tourism, Sports Bureau.
  • Ms. Su Yan, Secretary-General of Ningbo Municipal Sports Development Foundation
  • Mr. Xi Weida President of Ningbo Football Association
  • Mr. Dai Zimeng, Ningbo Office Full-time Staff of Samaranch Global Sailing Fund of Samaranch Sports Dev. Foundation.

The purpose of the visit has been to visit museums dedicated to sport with the intention of building one in its region where sport is deeply rooted.

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