23May-24 17:00 18:30

Puig Women America’s Cup 2024 – The value of sport in the 21st Century

Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport JA Samaranch Organised by: Fundació Barcelona Olímpica - IBE

The conference at the Olympic Museum will focus on exploring the value of sport in the 21st century, with a specific theme focused on the Puig Women America’s Cup. This internationally renowned event, the America’s Cup, not only represents a sporting achievement, but also a demonstration of excellence in global management, design and economic influence.
The value of sport in the 21st century lies in its ability to transcend the sports field and positively influence areas such as identity, health, education, the economy, and sustainability. Likewise, the America’s Cup and specifically the Puig Women America’s Cup have a significant impact on society and the global economy. This event highlights the skills and innovation of female browsers, while promoting economic growth and technological advances in the sailing industry.
Therefore, this day will represent an opportunity to explore how the Puig Women America’s Cup and other internationally renowned sporting events continue to contribute to the progress of society, the increase in women’s recognition in competitive sailing, and the wider impact of the America’s Cup on the world stage.


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