“Barcelona, more than a century of cycling” a round table linked to the present day cycling and its history.

Frank Terrón, director of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, has been in charge of opening the “Barcelona, more than a century of cycling” History classroom at the Barcelona Olympic Museum.

The round table has been composed by Arcadi Alibés, sports journalist; Juli Pernas, historian, author of several publications on the history of sport in the city of Barcelona; Marta Vilajosana, head of the technical area of the Catalan Cycling Federation; Rubèn Peris, cycling world manager and president Volta a Catalunya and Sergi Valdivieso, moderator of the event.

Issues such as the journalistic aspect of cycling broadcasts, the cycling and cycling festival in Barcelona, the management of cycling in the federative field and/or the evolution of the Volta a Catalunya model in recent years have been discussed.

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