Centenary Club: U.AT. D’HORTA

From 11/07/2023 to 22/04/2024
Barcelona Olympic MuseumTemporary Exhibition space

Barcelona has witnessed the founding of many sports clubs since regulated sports became a leisure activity. Many of these clubs are still in operation today. They are organisations which promote a range of sports at all levels at their facilities.

The temporary Exhibition Hall at the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum hosts a photographic exhibition by Unió Atlètica d’Horta. Considered one of the historic Barcelona soccer clubs, the Unió Atlètica d’Horta is going to be founded on April 18, 1922 from the merger of two entities: the CD Autonomia de Horta and Atlètic Basse-ball Club, a sports entity that plays on the mountain of Montjuïc.

The Unió Atlètica d’Horta played in different sports facilities that have disappeared from the city, such as the Ca l’Andelet field, located between the current streets of Dante Aligheri and Argimon, the field of the Casa de la Caritat de Can Tarrida or the field of the Masia de Can Ramis, which overtime gave rise to the current field of Feliu i Codina.

The Fundació Barcelona Olímpica wants to recognize the existence of all the clubs and all the organizations that allow the practice of sport, and for this reason it has developed a program of activities, among which the production of an exhibition about a club stands out centenary.

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The exhibition is free with entrance to the museum


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