You and I are friends: dialogues between two Olympic cities.

From 22/10/2019 to 15/12/2019

The Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation was set up in 2010. The Foundation has been working to promote the spread of the Olympic spirit in China and around the world for 10 years.

On 31 July 2015, Beijing was selected to host the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Through the development and support of a number of winter sports competitions, exhibitions and cultural activities, we will continue to increase the dissemination of ice and snow related sports, we will inspire enthusiasm for these sports and promote the popularity of the Winter Olympic Games among young people.

Since the successful candidacy in 2015 to organise the Winter Olympic Games, the Foundation has supported a number of winter sports competitions, exhibitions, and cultural events, attracting enthusiastic attention and active participation from young people both from Beijing and the whole country, with the aim of popularising winter sports in China.

The exhibition is divided into four sections: “A Wonderful Celebration”, “Constant Passion”, “The Olympics in Chinese Culture” and “Teenagers in Ice and Snow Sports”.

It shows the process from the Olympic flame being lit in Beijing (2008) to the Olympic spirit being spread and developed throughout China in the future. It demonstrates the ingenious integration of the Olympic flame and the fascinating Chinese culture along with the Foundation’s new opportunity with the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2022 to help 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports, and to promote sustainable development in the ice and snow industry.

This exhibition has been organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Olympic City of Beijing and the Samaranch Foundation with the collaboration of the Fundació Barcelona Olímpica.

“The Olympic Games once, an Olympic City forever.”

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The exhibition is free with entrance to the museum



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