Opening of the exhibition on Beijing and Barcelona as Olympic venues

The exhibition ‘You and I are friends: dialogue between Olympic cities’ will be held at the Joan Antoni Samaranch Olympic and Sports Museum until December 15. The exhibition shows the style and culture of Beijing and Barcelona as hosts of the Olympic Games.

Organised by the Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation in cooperation with the Samaranch Foundation and the Barcelona Olympic Foundation, the exhibition is divided into four parts: ‘Wonderful celebration’, ‘Permanent passion’, ‘Olympians in Chinese culture’ and ‘Teenagers in ice and snow sports’.

According to the organisers, the aim of this exhibition is to ‘promote the Olympic spirit and disseminate Olympic culture […], encouraging exchanges and cooperation between both cities and improving their international profile.’

Visitors can see the mascots of the 2022 Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon, photos of the Olympic facilities and images of special times in both Barcelona 1992 and Beijing 2008, such as the Olympics opening ceremonies.

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