Technological Meeting of Sueprat and Siemens in Barcelona

The recent event organized by Sueprat and Siemens, held at the Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch in Barcelona, was a resounding success. Professionals and enthusiasts from the technology sector gathered to connect and share insights on the latest innovations in electronics and technology.
During the meeting, the latest advancements and innovations by Siemens and Sueprat were unveiled, showcasing their designs aimed at transforming daily life and contributing to a more sustainable future. Both companies reaffirmed their commitment to creating advanced technological solutions that promote a cleaner and more efficient environment.
Attendees had the opportunity to hear presentations from prominent professionals in the field:
• Víctor Rodríguez, Commercial Director of Grup Sueprat
• Sergio Hernández, Regional Director of Siemens SI
• Víctor Escuín, Sales Team of Siemens SI – BT
• Rubén Portillo, Product Manager at Siemens SI-EP
• David Fidalgo, Product Manager at Siemens SI-EP
The event was an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand about the latest innovations and to establish valuable connections within the technology sector.

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